Don’t be too obsessed with leaders, Anwar tells PKR members

PKR president Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim has reminded members of the party not to be too obsessed with a leader or group.

He said the obsession would lead to acts of disobedience which were not ‘in line’ with the decisions made by the party leadership.

“Our weakness is that sometimes we are to obsessed with a leader, either me or others.”

“Therefore, our minds are no longer obedient to the party and leadership but we allow the existence of groups,” he said when winding-up debate at the 2020 PKR Annual National Congress which was held virtually today.

The Port Dickson MP stressed that issues on which there was disagreement could be discussed while those who were formerly part of the ‘cartel’ should also be given space.

Sixteen delegates spoke during the debate and a delegate from Kedah, Razaini Md Isa, suggested that the party president establish a new collaboration with various parties to ease the burden of the people affected by Covid-19 pandemic.

“We give the authority to the president to implement and redouble efforts to regain the people’s mandate and prioritise the fate of the people over political and personal interests,” he said.

Melaka delegate Muhammad Asri Ibrahim expressed his gratitude to all frontline personnel who have sacrificed their time and energy to contain the pandemic.

“I would like to suggest to the government that all civil servants who have served during this pandemic be given opportunity to redeem the Cash Award in Lieu of Leave (GCR),” he said.

About 2,000 delegates participated in the congress, held virtually through Zoom application, starting at 8.00am



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